Our family is only as strong as our members, so please join us in our efforts!

The Relámpago del Cielo (RDC) family consists of parents, guardians/caretakers, family members and friends of the RDC dancers who come together to collectively help one another support the dancers, teachers, staff and RDC as a community. 


Mission Statement

To promote and support the mission of the organization by facilitating open and continuous communication within our group and community, as well as enhancing the support of parent/student involvement through many cultural and fundraising activities.


Family volunteers have made significant contributions to Relámpago del Cielo, Inc. (RDC). In an effort to provide more structure and coordination to these ongoing efforts, as well as enhancing the personal and academic goals of each volunteer, Relámpago del Cielo began formalizing its family service program in July 2010. Relámpago del Cielo, Inc. values the dedication and participation donated by each volunteer that assists in expanding the abilities of Relámpago del Cielo, Inc.   In order to provide a well-organized and successful family service program for the volunteers and RDC, the following policy and procedure has been implemented.

Family service hours required for each student,
per fiscal year (July – June):

Family service hours may be fulfilled by assisting at any of the following:

• Room Parent
• Costume Liaison
• Backstage Parent for Annual Recital
• Parent Committee Member

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