A Note from Relámpago Del Cielo


The past month has brought many changes and challenges due to COVID-19. During this unprecedented time, the Board of Directors and Staff have been committed to you more than ever. While we practice social distancing and stay “Safer at Home” we have stayed socially connected to you. 

In April we began offering virtual weekly instruction through videos uploaded to your Band app as well as live Band and Zoom classes. Our hope is that your child has been enjoying this experience.

As we move forward, our priority is to continue to offer virtual classes to support your child’s learning. In order to sustain our instruction and support our organization, we need your help. Please consider making a $45 monthly donation until we can resume in-person classes. If this amount is not feasible right now, please consider making a monthly donation of any amount that is meaningful to you. 

Payment can be mailed to our office via P.O. Box 3158, Santa Ana, CA  92703 or made online through the PayPal link by visiting our website at www.rdcgf.org

We will return to in-person classes when  we are safely able to offer them according to state and local mandates.

Please continue to engage with RDC on our social media (Facebook @rdcgf, Instagram @relampagodelcielo) and on your class Band.

As we move forward through this challenging  time, we are grateful to you for keeping us in your lives. Throughout history, the arts have provided a vital link to healing, expression and hope in times of distress. We take heart in knowing this difficult time will eventually pass and we will be on the other side of this together. 

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Connected.

Relámpago Del Cielo Board of Directors

Tuition Policy Financial Assistance Application

• 1 Student: $45.00 per month/ 2 or More Students: $40.00 per student, per month.
• Students must be immediate family members, i.e. siblings or parent and child, to be eligible for the discount price. Relatives other than immediate family members must register separately.
Monthly tuition is not prorated or altered unless the student is absent the entire month.

Tuition is due by the first Saturday of each month regardless of holidays, vacations, illness or other absence.
• Pre-paid tuition is non-refundable.
• Tuition payments are accepted in cash or check or online. Payment may be made during Saturday rehearsal hours, or sent by mail to:  RDC, Inc., P.O. Box 3158, Santa Ana, CA 92703.  Online payments are available at www.rdcgf.org through PayPal. PayPal payments will be subject to a processing fee in addition to the monthly tuition rate.

Fees & Past Due Balances
• A late fee of $5 will be charged for any balance not paid by the 15th of each month.
• A banking fee of $10 will be charged for returned checks. Checks will not be accepted after the first returned check.
• Students with a past due balance will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month until payment is made in full.
• Students with a balance more than 60 days past due are not permitted to participate in class or in program activities until payment arrangements are made or the account is paid in full.  A warning letter will be sent after 60 days past due and a notice of suspension will be sent on the 75th day, if no arrangements or payments made.
• Students with past due balances will not be refunded costume deposits if the past due amount exceeds the deposit amount. Partial refunds will be provided for amounts of deposit in excess of the past due amount.
• Reinstatement is available if the account is paid in full or payment arrangements are made.

Financial Aid
• Applications for Financial aid must be submitted yearly by June 1st.
• Financial aid is available to those students whose families meet prerequisite minimum annual incomes as established by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and will be contingent on availability of funds.
• Students must complete an application and submit all required documents before the noted application deadline to be considered.
• Students are responsible for paying the full tuition amount until an award is given.
• Parents of students approved for financial aid must participate per “Parent Committee Guidelines”.
• Financial aid will be cancelled after two unexcused absences or withdrawal from classes without notifying instructor.

• Absences should be reported to the instructor before class.
• Students who withdraw from the program must return all RDC costumes within 15 days of notice. If not returned within 15 days, the value of the costume will be billed.

Student Account Information
• Paper or electronic receipts will be provided for each tuition payment made.
• Students may request a statement of their complete payment history at any time.

Questions? Contact us:  714.881.4732 or info@rdcgf.org

Tuition Policy Financial Assistance Application


• 1 Estudiante: $ 40.00 por mes / 2 o más estudiantes: $ 35.00 por estudiante, por mes.
• Los estudiantes deben ser miembros de familia inmediata, hermanos, padres o hijos, para ser elegibles para el precio de descuento. Estudiantes que no son miembros de familia inmediata deben registrarse por separado.
La matrícula mensual no se prorratea o altera a menos que el estudiante está ausente todo el mes.

La matrícula se vence el primer sábado de cada mes, independientemente de los días festivos, vacaciones, enfermedad o cualquier otra ausencia.
• Pre-pago de matrícula no es reembolsable.
• Los pagos se aceptan en efectivo o con cheque o en nuestro sitio de internet.  El pago puede hacerse durante las horas de ensayo cada sábado, o enviarse por correo a: RDC, Inc., PO Box 3158, Santa Ana, CA 92703. Pagos en nuestro sitio de Internet se pueden hacer a www.rdcgf.org a través de PayPal. Los pagos de PayPal estarán sujetos a una tarifa de procesamiento, además de la tasa de matrícula mensual.

Cuotas y saldos vencidos
• Un cargo de $ 5 será cobrado por cualquier saldo que no se pague antes del día 15 de cada mes.
• Un cargo bancario de $ 10 será cobrado por los cheques devueltos.  No se aceptará pago con cheque después de que el primer cheque devuelto.
• Los estudiantes con un saldo vencido recibirán una factura al principio de cada mes hasta que el pago se haga en su totalidad.
• Los estudiantes con un saldo de más de 60 días de mora no se les permitirá participar en la clase o en las actividades del programa hasta que se hagan arreglos de pago o la cuenta se cancele en su totalidad. Una carta de advertencia será enviada después de 60 días de mora y un aviso de suspensión se enviará después de 75 días si no hay arreglos o pagos realizados.
• A los estudiantes con saldos vencidos no se les devolverá los depósitos de vestuario si la cantidad vencida supera la cantidad del depósito. Reembolsos parciales se proporcionan para los montos de depósito en exceso de la cantidad atrasada.
• Restablecimiento está disponible si la cuenta se paga en completo o si se hacen arreglos de pago.

Ayuda Financiera
• Las solicitudes de ayuda financiera deben ser presentados anualmente antes del primero de junio.
• La ayuda financiera está disponible para aquellos estudiantes cuyas familias cumplan con requisito anual de los ingresos mínimos según lo establecido por el Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de los EE.UU.  y dependerá de la disponibilidad de fondos.
• Los estudiantes deben completar una solicitud y presentar todos los documentos requeridos antes de la fecha indicada para ser considerados.
• Los estudiantes son responsables de pagar la cantidad total de la matrícula hasta que haya aprobado la ayuda financiera.
• Los padres de los estudiantes aprobados para recibir ayuda financiera deben participar según las “Directrices del Comité de Padres”.
• La ayuda financiera será cancelada después de dos ausencias injustificadas o al retirarse de las clases sin avisar el instructor.

Ausencias / Retiro
• Las ausencias deben ser reportados al instructor antes de la clase.
• Los estudiantes que se retiren del programa deben devolver todos los trajes de RDC dentro de los 15 días de preaviso. Si no se devuelve dentro de 15 días, el valor del traje se le cobrará.

Estudiante información de la cuenta
• Recibos en papel o electrónicos se proporcionan para cada pago de la matrícula hecha.
• Los estudiantes pueden solicitar una declaración de su historial de pago completo en cualquier momento.

¿Preguntas? Contáctenos:  714.881.4732  o info@rdcgf.org

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