Delia began dancing at the age of 15 and joined Relámpago del Cielo as a performer in 1985. During that time she performed extensively throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties. Delia continued as a performer with Relámpago through 1999 at which time the demands of motherhood took center stage. In 2004 Delia returned to Relámpago in the role of an instructor and has taught dance ever since. She performed again in 2006 and 2016 for Relámpago’s 30th and 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert. In 2006 Delia became a Board Member to actively participate in the endeavors of this wonderful organization. She has studied Mexican Folk dance under various renowned directors from the United States and Mexico and has participated in dance conferences sponsored by the Asociación Nacional de Grupos Folklóricos, Danzantes Unidos, and in 2013 attended the annual Seminario Transnacional de Danza in Mexico City to enhance her teaching skills.